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Sexual Favours
Hockey RPS/Detroit Red Wings. | Dan Cleary/Darren Helm. | explicit sexual content. public sex. | 1118 words. | NC-17. | written for kink bingo, for the prompt 'spaces scenes and settings'. | also written for [livejournal.com profile] shades_of_hades because I can't have her disappointed in me! | first line originally from [livejournal.com profile] aislinn_tredor.

Sexual Favours

"I believe I was promised favours of a sexual nature."

Helm blinks slowly, kind of like a cow stunned by a car heading directly for it. Danny sighs. The kid is cute enough, but he's not... well, he just doesn't always seem all there.

"I don't remember that," Helm says. "What type of favours?"

"The type I will tell you about later, when everybody's gone." Dan scratches at his beard; it's getting long and itchy. But it's nothing like what Helm's sporting: he looks like he just came down off a mountain.

It may be only training camp, but Danny remembers well last year and the conversation they'd had, Helm drunk and listing to the side, almost sliding off his barstool.

"I wonder why Ozzie does it," Helm had mumbled, trying to get his shot glass in the general vicinity of his mouth.

Even though Danny knew better, he'd fallen for the trap and said, "Does what?"

"Fuck other guys," Helm'd replied. He couldn't seem to get the glass where he wanted so that he could drink more; it was probably a good indication that he'd already had way too much.

"Have another drink," Danny suggested. And then: "I can show you why he does it."

"You will?" Helm's alcohol-doused eyes had brightened a bit. "I wanna know."

"If you drink me under the table," Danny'd said, "I will show you tonight. If you pass out, you owe me. Favours."

"What kind of favours?"

Helm was never going to be able to out-drink Dan. It just wasn't happening. But he'd get what he wanted either way, a fact Helm seemed to drunk to appreciate.

Now, Helm's eyes are about as vacant as they were that night, but he's sober this time—at least, Danny is pretty sure he is.

"You promised," he reminds Helm. The kid frowns a little.

"What am I supposed to do?"

Danny leans close and brushes Helm's ear with his lips as he whispers, "I'll tell you later."


It's after-hours, pretty much all of the other players have gone home, but Helm is still sitting on his stool like a virgin sacrifice. Danny finishes pulling his black t-shirt on over his head and strides purposefully over.

Helm glances up, and the gulp of anxiety is obvious in the way his Adam's apple slides up and down in his throat.

"So... about those favours of a sexual nature," Danny says, pitching his voice husky and deep, like water droplets falling in a forest.

"W-what—" Helm clears his throat, the clawing raspiness clearly making it difficult to speak, "what do you want me to do?"

"How about a blowjob?"

"You want me to suck your dick?" Helm asks, sounding clueless.


"Here?" Helm's voice squeaks at the end of the word.

"Yeah. That's half the fun. You know, I did say I'd show you why Ozzie does it. This is why. He never really does it anywhere else."

Helm's mouth is hanging open in that perennial way of his, displaying his confusion to the world.

Danny unzips his jeans and lifts his cock out. He's still mostly soft, but Helm's mouth is open, so he figures he might as well use every advantage.

"Get on your knees," he orders, and Helm drops slowly to the floor in front of his locker. Danny grips his cock in his hand and rubs the crown against Helm's lips, his cheeks.

Helm sticks out his tongue, but it seems almost involuntary; he laps at Danny's dick a little, and he starts to swell, to come to eager life. His cock twitches a little and he strokes it back across Helm's lips until he's pressing against them enough to make the blood rush to Helm's mouth, making his lips red and puffy.

It's quiet in the locker room, every exhalation of their breath carrying, making it even more of a risk that they'll get caught. The very idea of it brings Danny almost all the way there.

Helm's mouth is still partway open, so Danny readjusts his grip on his cock and shoves the head into the wet heat of Helm's mouth. Helm makes a startled little noise, almost pulling back, but Danny pins him in place with a hand forcefully pressing against the nape of his neck.

Helm swallows again, and his eyelashes flutter. He clearly has no idea what to do, so Danny shrugs mentally and just takes what he wants—he'll stop if Helm truly protests, but if not, he can get off just as easily by fucking his mouth as he could from a real, skilled blowjob—and to be honest, he hadn't been expecting skill from Helm.

The kid has probably never even been on the receiving end.

But the inside of Helm's mouth is soft and wet and that's all Danny needs, that and a little— "Suck, Helmer. Just suck hard and I'll do the rest."

Helm probably would've nodded, but Danny's still got his grip on the back of his neck, but Helm closes his mouth around Danny's cock and hollows out his cheeks. Danny finds a rhythm, trying not to be too brutal, but fucking in and out of Helm's mouth.

Helm's making sloppy, wet noises, a faint whine at the back of his throat as Danny cants his hips forward and back, driving his dick in deep and then withdrawing just enough to allow Helmer to breathe.

He's close, so close, the pressure gathering in his balls, the tautness increasing in his muscles, and he plunges deep and pulls Helm's hair. He's not going to pull out for the money shot, but he doubts Helm will even understand the warning.

Either way, sparks fly in his body and behind his eyes as he comes, and he imagines splattering the inside of Helm's mouth, making him either swallow or choke.

He drags his cock back through those swollen, faintly chafed lips, and just as he's tucking himself away, someone clears their throat behind them.

Helm is licking at his lips as if testing their swollenness, in a haze, apparently unaware that they have an audience.

But Danny turns around to find Ozzie standing there, a gleeful smile on his face.

"Hey," Danny says, "It's your fault."

It's gratifying to see Ozzie's mouth fall open. If he hadn't just fucked Helm's mouth, he'd take Ozzie up on the offer.

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