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I Kissed a Boy and I Liked It
Hockey RPS/Detroit Red Wings. | Darren Helm/OMC. | explicit sexual content. gay-for-pay. | NC-17. | 1277 words. | written for kink_bingo on Dreamwidth, for 'prostitution / sex work'. | also for [livejournal.com profile] shades_of_hades because she wanted Helm doing porn. | title and cut-tag from Katy Perry.

I Kissed a Boy and I Liked It

"Abby, what do I do?" Darren asked for what was probably at least one more time than his best friend, Justin Abdelkader, could stand.

"I told you. It's simple. You just follow instructions, the same way you would for a hockey drill."

Abby pulls open a door with glass for the top half, but it's not labelled to let Darren know what's inside.

He trots along after Abby, down a hall, shoes sinking into the plush carpet of the hallway as they pass many more doors, these ones plain wood with plaques that say things like, 'Stage 4'.

Abby hands Darren the letter that came in the mail yesterday. "This should solve your money problems for awhile," he says. "Just go in."

Darren is standing before a door that says, 'Stage 10'. He turns the knob and walks inside.

Abby gives him a smile when he glances back. "I'll be out here when you're done."

The door shuts and cuts off his view of Abby.

A man with a clipboard checks it, eyes squinting down as if examining something on it closely. "Darren Helm?" he asks, and Helm winces. He can't use his real name! The man must read the expression on his face. "Not to worry. You'll just be 'Darren' in the catalogue. Your name is just for payment purposes."

Darren nods, feeling very confused and out of his depth.

The man smiles at him. "You chose a good outfit. But you might want to change your shirt. The buttons could take a long time to undo, that won't do at all... there's a little changing room behind that door. Pick something to put on."

Darren shakes his head. He unbuttons his shirt to reveal the sleeveless white tee beneath it.

"Oh, that's much better!" the man exclaims. "My name is Rodney. This is your first time, it says on the form you filled out. We're going to pair you with Jace, one of our more experienced boys."

"What do I have to do?" Darren is asking, but the door opens before Rodney can answer. A handsome—more like pretty, really—boy steps into the room. He has on a grey t-shirt and khaki shorts.

"Kiss Jace to start with. Follow his lead. Just do what feels natural, and if you feel at all nervous or reluctant, that's good. Our viewers love watching the straight boys get inducted into this."

Jace smiles. He runs a fingertip down the side of Darren's face, then he pulls him toward the bed, which is situated behind a bank of cameras and men with handheld cameras.

It must be due to nervousness that Darren hadn't noticed all these people at first.

He wishes Abby were with him.

Jace pushes Darren down so he's sitting on the bed, then he gets in between his knees, kneeling, and shoves Darren's long hair out of his face so that he can get to his lips.

Darren isn't the best kisser, he hasn't had a lot of practise, but it sure feels different with the faint rasp of stubble against his face, and the heavy scent of male sweat in his nose.

But he kisses back, licking the seam of Jace's lips, touching his tongue to the other guy's, and pretty soon they're making out, hot and heavy like Darren's only ever thought about; their lips slide together and apart and back together; Jace's tongue feels like molten heat inside his mouth.

Jace's hands are wandering all over his body, so Darren copies him, running his hands up Jace's back, right up and into his hair, trying to pull his lips back as Jace starts to pull away.

It quickly becomes clear that the kissing time is over; Jace is unbuckling Darren's belt and then unbuttoning and unzipping and Darren bites his lower lip, looking down at the sandy-haired head bent over his lap.

He's only a little bit hard, just learning to like this, but then Jace's mouth lands open over the small bulge, hot and damp over Darren's underwear, and his cock immediately perks up.

Darren squirms under Jace's mouth, and then Jace is yanking his pants down his legs. He rubs at Darren's cock a few times, hardening him up the rest of the way, and then he's stripping them both out of the rest of their clothes.

Darren has never really cared for blowjobs, so he kind of blanks out that part, but he takes a lot more notice when the cameras shift around and Jace lies over the end of the bed, on his stomach, with his ass in the air.

Someone hands Darren a small tube, and he guesses it must be lube. He's grateful that they don't expect him to be on the receiving end this time.

He slaps some lube on his cock and is about to push inside when the other guy glances back at him, gesturing with two fingers.

Oh. Darren obediently takes two of his more slippery fingers and sticks them inside.

He's not sure what to do, so he wiggles them a little, bending his fingers and discovering that the inside of Jace's body is hot and soft.

Jace grunts and grinds against the mattress, so Darren figures he must be doing something right. Or something, since he has no idea what he's doing.

In fact, he's so distracted by Jace's body and what to do with his damn fingers that he's almost forgotten about the lights and cameras on his naked ass.

Shrugging, he pulls his fingers out—they make a gross slurping sound—and is again about to push inside when someone hands him a little foil packet. What? Oh.

Oh, a condom. He's stupid. He bites it open and rolls it down over his dick, then rubs fresh lube on over top of the latex, and this time he does push inside.

He thrusts experimentally and Jace shoves back so eagerly even Darren wonders if he's being too enthusiastic.

But he's fucking him, and it's supposed to feel good, right? So he puts one hand on the round globe of Jace's ass and begins to thrust deeper, harder.

It's probably obvious he's new at this, because he comes right away and the cameras stop rolling, and Rodney brings him water and a sandwich and says,

"Don't worry, that happens a lot. We'll just take a break and resume when you're ready. With the editing at our disposal, no one will be able to tell you didn't just keep going."

Jace, though, says, "Make sure that next time you pull off the condom and jack yourself off onto my bare skin. That's the important bit, if they didn't tell you."

So Darren wolfs down the sandwich and then waits as Jace goes down on him long enough to get his cock interested again.

By the time he's splooging on Jace's skin, it's been hours, and Darren is exhausted, and he wishes that Abby had been there with him.

But Abby is, true to his word, waiting outside when Darren gets his clothes back on and exits the room.

"How was it?" Abby asks.

"I'm never doing that again," Darren declares. Then he glances at Abby and reconsiders. "Unless someone gives me a really good reason."

Abby raises an eyebrow.

"Next time, I think we should perform together."


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