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(Not so much) Poetry in Motion
Hockey RPS/Detroit Red Wings. | Darren Helm/Jakub Kindl. | explicit sex. barebacking. slightly awkward uncomfortable sex. language. | NC-17. | 1313 words. [Pav!] | sequel to 'Self-Conscious'. | written for [livejournal.com profile] shades_of_hades, because I promised.

(Not so much) Poetry in Motion
"I'm glad your back is better," Jakub said. Mostly because it had to led to this moment, the two of them in the rosy glow of the bedside lamp in Helmer's room, Jakub on his back, with a pillow under his ass and Helm leaning over him with a bottle of lube and a look of heavy concentration across his face.

Helmer licked his lips and continued to stare at the lube like it was a chemistry equation.

Ah, he did like their little interludes, but really, Helmer could be a little slow sometimes.

He kicked Helm with his foot; not hard, but hard enough to draw his attention away from the lube.

"I said I was glad your back was better," he repeated.

"Oh. Yes," Helmer said. He poured some of the lube on his hands and then rubbed them together. "It's supposed to heat up," he added unnecessarily, since Jakub was the one who had bought it, so he knew that already.

Jakub sighed and picked up the lube, which had rolled next to his hip. The bottle was cold against his skin. He set it on the nightstand and stared at the ceiling, waiting for Helmer to get on with it.

"I can play hockey again," Helmer said, sounding awfully proud of himself. Jakub let out a deeper sigh this time.

"Not because of that, Helmer, but because of this," he explained.

"Oh. Yes," Helm repeated. "This is nice too."

Jakub wondered if it were possible to beat your brains out against a pillow. He wasn't even sure why he was the one on the bottom. It had something to do with a stammering explanation by Helmer that involved a balloon, two twigs, and Chris Osgood.

Needless to say, Jakub hadn't understood what any of those items had to do with it. He wasn't sure he really wanted to know, so he hadn't asked for a better explanation. Besides, by the end of it, Helmer had been as red as one of their home jerseys.

In any event, he remembered the way it had felt when Helmer had first been messing with his nipples and his cock, and so he hadn't put up too much resistance when they discussed actual fucking.

Said discussion went like this:

"Hey, uh, you mind—" Helmer stuttered to a stop.

"Not really," Jakub replied.

"So we can—?"


Maybe this was a bad idea. It certainly was taking Helm forever to get around to the main event.



"Hurry up and put your cock in my ass before I get bored and go play X-Box," Jakub said.

"Oh." Helm squirmed around on the bed, making Jakub's dick and balls quiver. He had long since lost interest in the proceedings, Helmer was taking that long.

"Could you do something about—?" He gestured to his junk. If he was going to get fucked, he wanted it to feel good. Put plainly, he wanted to get off.

Helm smeared the lube on his own cock, then placed one hand on Jakub's lower belly and ducked his head down.

The puffy nipples that had been such an embarrassment for a few weeks had quickly become more attractive to him; they were super sensitive, and Helmer loved to play with them, with in turn usually got Jakub off. It was a nice arrangement.

Helm bit gently into the swollen flesh, laving the nipple with his tongue, and Jakub breathed out, enjoying the sensation and the way it made his cock stir with interest.

In fact, he was enjoying the moment so much he almost didn't notice when Helmer started to stuff his cock into Jakub's hole.

The throbbing of that muscle in time with the passes of Helm's tongue began to ebb a bit as Helmer tried to do both things at once; he was clumsy at it, and his dick entered Jakub by only a couple of inches before he accidentally bit a little too hard.

Jakub gave an undignified yelp. "Ow! Jesus, Helm, not so hard."

"Sorry," he mumbled against Jakub's nipple. He soothed the burn a little with his tongue, and then shoved his hips forward a little jerkily.

Jakub slid up the bed a little and winced. Helm didn't exactly do this with a lot of finesse. Luckily, he wasn't an overwhelming intrusion, and so Jakub took a deep breath and tried to relax into the feeling.

He was being filled up, and his hole throbbed, and Helmer was gasping against his nipple. He was still licking it, and playing with it with his tongue, but he was obviously enjoying the feeling of being swept inside Jakub's body.

"You feel so good," Helmer panted, his breath hot and wet against Jakub's chest. His nipple felt even more puffy and swollen than usual.

Actually, the ring of muscle that Helm was currently penetrating was feeling kind of swollen too. But even though there was a slight burn, like how one feels with a raspy throat, it didn't really hurt.

Helmer moved his hand from Jakub's hip to his cock and he still had some lube on his hand, which worked to perfection as he began to jack Jakub off.

Jakub began to rock his own hips underneath Helm, and he was really feeling it but—

"Is it in?" he asked. "Is it all in?"

"Yes," Helm said proudly, turning his head so he could nibble at his other nipple. Jakub winced again, this time internally. He probably could've taken another inch or two—did that make him a cockslut? This was his first time. Shouldn't it be too soon for him to decide he liked dick this much?

Either way, he wasn't going to say anything. Besides, it's not like Helmer hadn't been teased in the locker room—though Jakub was beginning to get an inkling that Helm hadn't really gotten the joke.

He really shouldn't say anything. He'd been hog-tied and whacked with a noodle, it wasn't like he didn't suffer his own share of pranks.

He put the locker room and the guys out of his head and closed his eyes. He raised his hips up to meet Helm's downward thrust, and while there was definitely a bit of uncomfortable rubbing where their bodies joined, and even though the rhythm was rocky, Jakub was enjoying himself.

Helmer really didn't have this down, he reflected, as he tried to modulate his own movements with Helm's. He finally gave up trying to match Helm and just canted his hips upward, then shifted them back, until Helmer got the idea and began to rock downward into the rhythm that Jakub was setting.

Each thrust began to level out, become more smooth, and Jakub got his first taste of the sharply sweet pleasure that could be had, particularly when Helmer managed to get everything in charity with one another; he held Jakub's nipple between his teeth, yanked at his cock, and sunk into him far enough and at just the right angle.

It was too much. Jakub went flying apart, eyes rolling back, his body ringing like a recently struck bell.

He felt the way Helmer spasmed inside him, and he realised he had a death grip on Helmer's ass, holding him inside as deep as it was possible for Helmer's dick to go. He was clutching Helm so hard there would probably be bruises to explain later, and the guys would wonder if Helm finally had a new girlfriend.

Except Kronner, who might suspect something—he already did, anyway.

Helmer breathed hot and heavy against Jakub's pec, his heart thundering against his ribcage.

Jakub went limp all over and sank into the mattress, all energy gone, hands falling away from Helmer's ass.

"So, you wanna—?" Helm asked, and Jakub nodded weakly.

It had been a little awkward, but practise makes perfect and they might as well do it again sometime.


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