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Date Night
Hockey RPS/Detroit Red Wings. | Justin Abdelkader/Darren Helm. | slash. alcohol use. shenanigans. language. | hard R. | ~4500 words. | beta'd by [livejournal.com profile] shades_of_hades. I actually rewrote the first 1300 words of this. | written for a prompt on the Hockey Kink Meme. The prompt was—in short—date night. note: I haven't seen Inception so please, no spoilers.

It's just boy's night out, honest officer! )
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Hockey RPF/Detroit Red Wings. | Henrik Zetterberg/Emma Andersson. | het. poetic and odd. sexual content. | NC-17. | 668 words. | written for the hockey kink meme for anon's prompt: Okay, I doubt anyone's going to take this one on, but Henrik Zetterberg and his girlfriend Emma are getting married tomorrow. And gorgeous couple is gorgeous - any chance I could get some Hank/Emma in here? Anything loving but dirty and familiar, not necessarily having to do with the wedding, just any little interlude with them sometime getting it on. :P [prompt here]

sorry, anon, it got poetic and odd on me, and it's not very dirty or anything, but I tried. :3 Should also say I know nothing about Emma beyond what she looks like. )
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Hockey RPS/Detroit Red Wings. | Nicklas Lidström/Chris Osgood. | watersports [desperation]. | ~1600 words. | R. | unbeta'd. | written for the anon hockey meme: prompt | Takes place during the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals, not long after Nicklas Lidström had testicular surgery. And, of course, Ty Conklin is mentioned because he did provide the... inspiration, if you will. :3 Title stolen from Lady Gaga.

It might be a side effect of the surgery. )

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